To Live, Love and Learn: A Cookworm's Tale

To begin with…

A Birth Day Dinner

So, why food?

If I knew the answer to that, and the day I do, I’ll know myself completely. This is after all a learning process. It began, as I remember, with my mother baking cakes and breads, and allowing me to help her every time since the age of about 6 years. My mother has always believed in learning through interaction. Books were just a part of it, but talking to neighbours about Christmas cakes, to distant acquaintances about Hyderabadi Biryani played a larger role. Getting one’s kids involved was a smart move, because cooking came naturally to me.

I don’t even remember when I first baked all by myself. I learnt how to make tea (not the dismal concoction I create these days!), how to fry stuff (fried potatoes before Board Exams…nothing like it!), and couldn’t bear the sight of raw meat or fish those days. The first thing I did make without parental supervision was a birth day cake for my maa, with my brother’s help.It was the best surprise I’ve organized till date!

Actually, I can’t think of food without associating people with it. For me, food has to be brilliant – adventurous, tasty and beautiful – precisely because I know my loved ones will eat it. I have my quirks, my eccentricities (actually its an occupational hazard, for I have yet to meet a woman, or man, linked to the academic world who is not at least a bit weird!)…but if I cook for you, I love you.

Its as simple as that (and its as complicated as that).

Food is love, love is food – for life.

(In the photo above: Chicken with Three Bell Peppers and Penne in Bechamel Sauce with Parsley…with two friends who are, thankfully, good photographers. More on the recipes later.)


One comment on “To begin with…

  1. Juni Bahuguna
    March 12, 2013

    The food blog Ive always waited for đŸ™‚

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