To Live, Love and Learn: A Cookworm's Tale

Breakfast Delights: Eggs and Bread, But Nothing Ordinary


Scrambled Eggs with Mushroom and Cheese.

Tomorrow morning, you’ll feel sleepy and lazy like you do every day. Isn’t that the first thought that comes to our heads in the morning? “I wish I could just lie here and someone could get me breakfast in bed, while work sorts itself out without needing my active participation.” Mostly I feel this way in the mornings. Living in a hostel and getting breakfast during fixed times nearly kills extra snoozing moments for me. Plus, the sight of boring old boiled eggs…huff! I’ve been reminded recently that boiled eggs are good for your health, and I do agree. But they are dead boring!

I do love eggs, and eggs for breakfast with a slice or two of bread is the best thing you can do to yourself. But mornings are anyways a tad disappointing, and we all need things that could help us jump-start rather than just want to go back to bed. No, we don’t need it. We deserve it!

So, tomorrow morning, let’s try something different.

We can make our lives fuss free with an eggy toast. No it’s not exactly a french toast.


My regular ‘interesting’ breakfast.

Its something that I just started throwing together at home for breakfast, instead of my mother’s oats/muesli/cornflakes option. And it really just takes about ten minutes to get this from the fire to your plate! All you need to do is break an egg or two in a bowl, whisk it with salt, chopped vegetables (I usually add a bit of onions, capsicum, tomatoes, chillies.) and anything else available (Sometimes I have thrown in leftover chicken shreds/chopped mushrooms/corn kernels/cheese and coriander.). Place bread slices on a heated non-stick pan and spread bits of your egg mix on top. Turn the slices over and add a teaspoon of oil around the edges of the slice. Let it cook till done, put it on your plate and have a good breakfast!

If you prefer a scramble, well, try and make it more interesting. I personally love my scramble a bit gooey and cheesy, slathered and heaped over a toast. In July, I tried something new, or rather my friend Juni did. We fried the sliced mushrooms, added the eggs and chopped cheese, checked the seasoning and took it off the flame when just done. When heaped on those pretty white plates that Juni has, we didn’t even need bread with the eggs!

Of course, there are days when you might want something a bit more nutritious as well as interesting. I was going through BBC Good Food and found Gordon Ramsay‘s Eggs Benedict recipe. Instantly excited, I tried it out. Obviously it took a lot of time. I’d never poached an egg before that, never tasted (let alone made) a hollandaise sauce and I didn’t have any muffin bread. So I made it the first time in about an hour!


Eggs Benedict with hollandaise sauce, without salami and muffin bread.

For the original recipe, see It really is worth trying out, especially since it does take a lot less time with more practice (promise! I can make it in 20 minutes now!) The day after my 24th birth day, I made Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise sauce and without salami and muffin bread, while Juni made her Strawberry Milkshake with chocolate syrup and Shreyanjana clicked the photos. It remains, to this date, the best breakfast I’ve ever had!


Breakfast for three: Shreyanjana, Juni and me!

And so I wonder, if we could have glorious breakfasts every day (like queens and kings), we’d probably all want to get out of our beds faster and more willingly every morning. I hope…


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