To Live, Love and Learn: A Cookworm's Tale


I’m a Historian in-the-making, with a keen interest in cooking. History and Food make up the two parallel worlds I try to live in at once, and that might as well be the case for a lot of you who juggle their professions and hobbies. So, welcome to my blog, where I’ll share how I manage both my worlds with a lot of help from family and friends. And here’s hoping you share with me how you do it too.

Here are the downsides of going through this blog: I am a lousy photographer, but intend archiving every thing I have cooked, so the posts might not always look picture perfect. I have been described as a ‘Food Nazi’, but what I’m really guilty of are obsessive behaviour, extreme anxiety and frequent screeching when recipes or methods are not followed properly. So you might find that a drag and a bore. But all the food I post about are served to, shared with and enjoyed by other people too. So what I can guarantee is taste, and of course the fact that if you want to cook you will learn every aspect of it, slowly and steadily, with me. Passion speaks and its all about passion for food here.


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